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Joe Kramer

Joe's Biography

Joe Kramer comes to THL after gaining experience with Individual personal injury and mass tort pharmaceutical litigation at one of the nation’s largest plaintiff’s firms. He has participated in all phases of litigation, from helping clients take their first steps toward pursuing the justice they deserve through trial and settlement. Since beginning his career, Joe has developed case theme and issue analysis on some of the most cutting-edge science related legal issues facing the plaintiff’s bar today. Utilizing this information, he has prepared depositions of top executives at international pharmaceutical corporations. Joe has also routinely proven his ability to challenge the most sophisticated scientific minds, hired by pharmaceutical companies during litigation from top universities across the nation. Additionally, He has served as second chair on small trial teams during multiple complex, high-stakes trials. In fact, his first assignment at TorHoerman Law LLC was to serve as second chair to lead counsel, Jake Plattenberger, during a toxic tort trial in California. At trial, the firm was able to obtain a $2.6 Million verdict for our client, which was four times more than the settlement offer.


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